7.5 things to do when when you can’t bake

One of my things is baking.

I love it! It is one of the first things I remember learning from my mum. I should say one of the first enjoyable things I learnt from my mother. 

It is my litmus test for how I am feeling. Urggggh! So maybe all is not well in my world? Or maybe I should hang up my apron for good and start using my wooden spoon to stir the goat meat curry? 

I posted a picture of my, for want of a better description, Banana and Lime Surprise cake. Yes, part of it did end up in the bin. 

So, am I just a bit rusty after a long holiday? Is baking jealous that I left it for so long? 

In my case here are things I can do when I have several severe baking fails in a row. Seriously, you want to know what the latest disaster was? I wanted to make a vanilla cake. It is my signature cake. Granted, the reason I was making it was not the best so perhaps I was saved from an epic embarrassment. Whatever, I am grateful. I think. I ruined the first step. Ruined. Could not salvage it. 

Okay back on topic. 

7.5 things to do when you can’t bake or if I am being brutally honest, What to do when you fail at baking which you are supposedly really good at

1 CRY It’s cathartic and expends the energy you would have used to eat the cake.

2 Go to the local supermarket and buy their best cake, take it home, destroy evidence of packaging and place on a baking tray to ‘cool’.

3 Go to The Cheesecake Shop and buy a few quarter cakes. Tell family that you wanted them to have variety and options. #Scrumplicious. They no longer make my favourite. Show me hateful! No point telling you about how tasty, moist and good for you it was. Pointless mentioning that it was the Apple Continental cake. Drooling now. Aggrieved, much!

4 Ask your Brit Sister to make a few one for you and bring it with her when she comes to visit. She is checking in baggage, after all. 

5 PANIC! What if this is the end of baking life as I know it? Forever dependent on others for homemade cakes. How will I field questions in the future?  Empressa, didn’t you make Brit Sister’s wedding cake? When will you make your famous Vanilla cake? The last time I had your Zucchini cake was… 

6 Stock up at the local farmer’s market. Giving back to the community is always a good thing. 

7 Persevere. Keep making the cakes until the tide turns.

7.5 Go on a no sugar diet.

Now that you have bust a gut from laughing at 7.5th point, let me know if there is something you are really good at that didn’t go so well for a while. How did you get your groove back? Asking for a friend. 

ps All is well in my world. Exciting times. Huzzah!




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