When your food does you Schadenfreude or Egusi Soup got AN’s back.

Today Schadenfreude was re-packaged and returned to me.

Schadenfreude-return-to-sender: adjective. 

Is what occurs when one cooks a correct pot of Egusi soup (goat meat, dried fish, ati be be lo, and all the trimmings) then takes a picture of it, no, not to post on Instagram, but to tension your friend who is also an expatriate (lives in the abroad). One takes the picture, sends it to her knowing full well that her taste buds will experience Brownian motion (science fact). Once said picture whooshes off into the ether, one sits down, smugly I might add, to enjoy one’s repast. It is then one realises that one should not mess with an Ora girl as one unknowingly takes a mouthful of ata rodo/scotch bonnet.

The moral of the story is NEVER, EVER pop a whole pepper into your pot of food unless of course you are cooking rice and peas. 


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