That word alone is enough to strike terror into your hearts. 

What’s happened now? What’s going on, you wonder?

I am about to strike more fear into your hearts…

I had a Doctor’s appointment…




I am such a meanie. It’s ok, it was a routine appointment. Free health check but I had to pay for blood work and the appointment, so which one was free.

Which brings me to my subject – life.

It should be as hard to navigate. You say free health check, I say yay! Then you ask me for my medicare details and mention the words bulk-billing and your medicare will take care of that? When did free become you will not pay today but at a later date or you will not pay today but you will get less of a tax rebate.

Results of the health check. Everything was checked – yup! EVERYTHING! 

I only ever had issues with my Vit D levels and Iron. Turns out everything is ok, cholesterol, Vit D, blood, Iron, etc, etc, let’s not get too personal as it’s bordering on TTMI! 

Two things the Dr wants me to do. One is to increase my Calcium levels. I need to consume up to 1300mg of Calcium. Eggs do not count – warra pity!

I am to have at least 3-4 serves a day, EVERY, EVERY DAY!

Milk – yuckocity! Drink a glass of milk she says (I do like my Dr). Nope! I say. Don’t like it. Hardly drink tea or coffee. I have it in coffee when I do. Don’t eat cereal. Nope, not going to happen!

Cheese – now you are talking I say but every day? EVERY SINGLE DAY. Yes, she says but change it up with Tofu. We are back on the yuckity, yuckity, yuckocity scale. I don’t like milk either she says but I like Tofu. Good for you, I think but I am not doing it.

Yoghurt – sigh! I rarely eat it. Don’t understand it or ice-cream, really. Ah! She says eat yoghurt but without sugar. Note self – chocolate definitely doesn’t count then. Even though it has milk in it. Bummer! 

Then she mentions some other things, but by now, I have lost interest because I am thinking of the many things in life I am supposed to do as a human being to stay healthy and live well. 

Sleep 8 hours a day.

Drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Alcohol, tea, coffee, doesn’t count.

Eat food rich in fibre.

Get Vit D from the sun but lather up with sunscreen so you don’t get skin cancer.

Eat food rich in Omega 3 oils.

Exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

Be mindful.

Eat more fish but don’t die from mercury poisoning. 

Then I start to feel tired.

It’s been 5 days since the Drs appointment. I have had 2 serves of Calcium when I should have had 14 by now. Cheese just isn’t as appealing or delish when it is medicinal. 

Oh and isn’t cheese, milk, yoghurt in large doses, etc a good source of cholesterol? 

I researched and there are other foods which are good sources of Calcium, namely,

Oranges – I would need to eat 10 a day.

Almonds – I would need to eat 4 cups a day. They make me itch and I do not like the flavour. 

Chickpeas – I would need to eat 6 cups a day.

Sardines – 4 cans.

Eggs  – 26.

How to eat 1300 mg of Calcium a day, without getting cholesterol, making it a full-time job and still eating a balanced diet?


I think I do ok when I don’t listen to professionals. (joking!)







(or am I?) 




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