Art is the lie

Art is the lie sounds better than I tried out a new cake recipe and I failed. 

You can be so good at something and even be able to do it with your eyes closed. 

However, if you don’t practice, hone your skills, surround yourself with people who are like-minded and have an open learning mind then you end up with 

What is this anaemic, rock-like looking cake? Warrisdis? Awagwan yaso? Qu’est-ce que c’est? 

It was a newly made-up recipe I was trying out. I figured I shouldn’t just use lime for G&Ts (I know, lime can have other uses, you are most welcome) so I thought Banana and Lime cake. Erm… no! (So is the moral of the story, stick to lime in G&Ts?).

All I can say is…

Sorry, Mum! 

I might try it again but with normal flour ie, not gluten-free flour. 

                                    This looks healthy

Just to remind you that I do bake and well and often.

I’ll redeem myself next week. 

Once again, Sorry, Mum. Teeheeheehee! 

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  1. Aima says:

    Erm, how did it taste though? I can overlook the…look!

    1. JamENaijOz says:

      I ended up calling it Banana and Lime Surprise!
      It can best be described as a delightful punch of lime masking a doughy pudding that was interrupted with sultanas.

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