What on earth have I been up to lately?


Thanks for checking in again. How have you been? I am really well and happy, thanks for asking. 

I haven’t written anything here in a while. A very long while. About 3 months. That’s supposed to be blog suicide in the blogging world. I am not a blogger or writer per se. I love words, I love reading, I respect people who write both those who are published or not. So no blog suicide for me. 

I have been keeping a blog. A photoblog if you would! A dear friend suggested it. Why did she suggest it? Well, thanks for asking… 

She suggested it because I was embarking on two trips that were on my Earth Heart list. 

What is my Earth Heart list? Oh my gosh! If you don’t stop asking questions, I will never get to tell my story. My Earth Heart list is a list of places that my Heart seems to be connected to. I will be filled with eternal regret if I don’t get to visit those places.

New Orleans has been on my Heart for years and years and years. Jazz music and a different part of America to explore plus it just sounds cool and sophisticated… “I’ve been to New Orleans (Nuh Ohlens!)”. Sounds cools huh!

Oh, let me back up.

Remember my French Sister visited in April? Well, she came back in July. Shhhhhhhh! Stop interrupting and I’ll tell you why she came back. Not just to celebrate my birthday (shameful plug) but also because I had a dream of doing an Australian Road Trip. 


She came back and we did it. We flew from Melbourne to Brisbane, stayed the night in an exquisite hotel. Has ruined all other hotels for me. Picked up our campervan the next day and began exploring the East coast. Well, I can’t tell you everything because you just have to do it. Forget Route 66, do The Bruce! 

I loved setting up in a campervan site that was along the coast, waking up the next morning and going for a walk along the beach and seeing dolphins EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 

There is a town called 1770! Yes, there is! Captain Cook put it on the map by doing something or other. Cute town. 

Brisbane! Brisbane made a real impact on me. It has an absolutely beautiful city centre with lots of areas for people to enjoy and pass time.  The swimming pool, the seating areas, the gardens, the paths beside the river. The Arts Hub.

The State enjoys using Lemon Myrtle as a seasoning. Had it on Salmon, Macadamia nuts, in ice-cream. A delightful herb which I shall incorporate in my meal preparation. 

Bundaberg factory! Just happened to be passing by tee hee! Not pleased about the tasting restrictions and exorbitant fee. 

Beenleigh Artisan Distillery FTW! Definitely happened to be passing by. Spotted on a roundabout and we had to stop. Pleasant responsible tasting ensued and much money did change hands. 

Tin Can Bay Dolphin Centre did not disappoint. Fed a dolphin! Semi wild dolphin. Mostly wild. 

Glasshouse Mountains – picturesque. Incredibly steep walk. French Sister was not pleased about that. Glasshouse Mountains township won the Winner of the SOuth East Queensland Friendly Town Award in 2002. 

Bribie Island and a snake encounter. Let’s move on! Shudder! Urgh! I lost a $1 bet over the pronunciation. 

I cannot tell of the towns of Gin Gin, Bli Bli, Kin Kin or Min Min. 

It was a proud moment staying at Miami Beach. Yes, we sang the song the whole way and during our stay. 

I must say the people of Queensland are very friendly and generous. 

Did I mention I could live in Brisbane? Have I looked at jobs? Maybe once. Yes, I’ve heard properties are cheaper in Brissy. Could I live there? I have to investigate the snakes living in roofs situation before I can give a complete answer. 

The Crystal Caves. Lovely stones and crystals. Not quite as relaxing as I would have hoped. Quite a few crystals came from South America. Interesting! 

Byron Bay Lighthouse and the most Easterly point of the Australian mainland. A mission to get to the lighthouse and find a parking spot. (Love words, love language. In Australian English, Strayan, I would find a park. In English English, I would find a parking spot).

I succumbed to visiting a BIG thing. It was The Big Banana and only because it was on our way. Ok, yes, we had to do a U-bolt (U-turn). Bananas everywhere. I kept thinking of a cousin who is mentally allergic to bananas and finds them offensive. It would have been a docu-comedy moment if she had been present. The dried bananas would have finished her off. If I didn’t love her heaps, she would be getting an album of every picture I took there and all the items sold at the centre. 

Newcastle, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sand dunes at Rainbow Beach and Birubi Point (they also had Camels), breathtaking sunsets, Sydney train seats (nerd alert!), Beechworth.  

Etc etc

Was everything I wanted it to be and more. If I did again, I would spend more time in QLD and bypass NSW. Sorry, NSW but it’s true.

Then home for a few days to do some laundry and re-pack to go visit New Orleans. 

I can’t write about it or I will be here for days. I will say that my heart is in NOLA. I want to go back immediately and stay in the same hotel I stayed in.

NOLA is not just about Bourbon Street and drunken revelry. Some of the most amazing architecture and well looked after homes I have seen, funny people, not too friendly, live music everywhere you turn (I LOVED THAT sooooooo much), the museums (I could have spent days in each of them). I have to go back very very soon. 

It was extremely special to be with a cousin, some special friends and make some new friends. Some new special friends. Altogether a wonderful trip. The best! The best of times. 

Before you ask, no, I am not wanting to go back to re-create the moments but there was so much that I did not do or see. I would love to spend more time at the galleries, visit Lafayette and dance much more. Oh! I love dancing and got to dance my little heart out. I can’t dance and don’t know the latest moves but I love to move. See you soon NOLA! I now understand why people revisit places yearly. 

Then NYC and NJ were the next stops. All I will say for NYC is don’t stay in a hotel there! URGGGGGHHHHHHH! Visit but don’t stay. NJ what a gem. Why do people hate on NJ. IMHO, it is heaps better than NYC. Maybe it is who you know? Best bit about NYC was hanging with Cuz and meeting other cousins for the first time. 3 generations. Very special. 

Back home in Melbourne after being away since June with a 4-day drop in in-between. Jet-lagged but it’s good to be back. Doesn’t feel like home anymore. WOOOOOOOOO! I did not realise I was going to write that. Oh my goodness! It’s been home for 15 years! Well… 

Back home in Melbourne and I have to learn how to be back in a routine. I give myself 2 weeks. 

I’ll let you know how it goes as I am opposed to routines but I have stuff to get done. 

So yes, I did a photoblog on my watsapp status for my East Coast Oz Road Trip and then another for my New Orleans, York and Jersey trips. 


Thanks for dropping by.

I will hopefully be back in 2 days.








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  1. Aima says:

    Please, you ARE a writer; did not want this to end. Enjoyed this as much as the photoblog, especially as writing this even allowed things your subconscious was feeling, come out 😮😮

    Here’s to reading more about your daily adventures, here’s to living life!

    1. JamENaijOz says:

      I read your comment and I was moved. Moved because you are such an encouragement, so, I will continue to write and post.
      I look forward to a joint venture with you someday VERY soon.
      Thank you ever so.

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