Word for a Wednesday


/ˌɒksɪˈmɔːrɒn/ noun 

One ah dem words which cracks me up every time I hear it.

It’s the moron part and it is actually pronounced like moron with the protracted vowels. Would not be so funny if the vowels were clipped.

Moron is a term once used in psychology and psychiatry to denote mild intellectual disability. It stopped being used when it became more of a popular albeit informal insult. Nowadays it means a stupid person in the way an Idiot is a stupid person. 

Then I get nerdy with the word Oxymoron and break it down because Etymology fascinates me. 

Oxymoron – Oxy     Moron

there are a lot of words with the prefix oxy but disappointingly, “oxy” does not mean anything. Sure it is short for Oxycodone, a strong pain reliever. Other than that oxy-gen, oxy-ntic, oxy-tone, oxy-some and so on do not mean a general something-gen or something-ntic nor something-tone. It is just a fairly popular three letter prefix of nothingness. Not meaning to be harsh. Let’s move on shall we.

However the word oxy is Greek in origin and derived from Oxus which I believe means acute or sharp.

So Oxymoron…

acute or sharp Moron. Bahahahahahhaha! 

Oh and no need to thank me that you now have some new words for your Scrabble games. You are welcome! 

Take your time and hurry up!

I think the British are Oxymoron champions; watch any Agatha Christie or Midsomer Murders whodunnit and you will be exposed to legions of Oxy sayings. I mean Oxymoronic sayings because Oxy is short for Oxycodone. 

A typical one is ‘That’s a fine mess you have got us in to”.



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