It’s been a while…

I have been writing. I have written letters and cards to friends, kept up with my diary. One of my things this year is to write, record if you will, the events of the day in my diary rather than use it as an appointment book. 

My French Sister visited with me for a fortnight. (Fortnight as in 2 weeks not Fortnite the game!). It was the besets of times. It’s amazing to me how you can know someone for about 20 years and still learn so much about them. I guess it should be the way if we are all changing and growing, living our best lives and becoming stronger, fitter, wiser, more spiritual, more content, more knowledgeable and accepting of differences in each other and the world?

We had lots of plans but nothing definite. We ended up finding out about little gems, and exploring those places, from friends like Lil Sister and Posh Brit. I had hoped to visit Brit Sister in SA but French Sister did not jump at the chance to travel 10 hours one way. After travelling more than 24 hours to get here, I can’t say I blame her. 

We got to go to the beach a couple of times and overdose on Vitamin D. I think Half Moon Bay Beach is now my favourite beach in the whole world. Yup! Even more than Bahamas, Jamaica, Mexico, Lagos. 

Driving to unknown places and being a tourist in my State is so much fun.

Mount Macedon is beautiful. As it is Autumn, the leaves on the Japanese maple  were just turning from green to  magnificent shades of red and orange. Forest Glade Gardens is a gorgeous place. We spent a couple of hours walking around it and oohing! and aaahing! There are so many sections and paths carved out and kept us entertained. The unexpected vibrance of plant and flower colours was captivating. I will say that the Topiary garden is special but the Japanese garden is my favourite. 

                     The Avenue of Honour

Honour Avenue, Mount Macedon. Apparently, in Australia, there are 547 known avenues of honour, of which, over half are in Victoria. Each tree symbolises a person. Over the Easter break, we drove at least 7 more such avenues. 

A few pictures from Forest Glade Gardens





There’s a rainbow! The unicorn was too quick for me to capture.

After Mount Macedon, we just drove wherever the wind took us, stopping along the way and ended up in Yea. Victoria is beautiful and so are the people.

On a different day, guided by Lil Sis, we discovered Emerald Park in the Dandenongs. Had a lovely picnic and walk. Favourite bit was getting up close and personal with Puffing Billy. 


Puffing Billy’s belly.

2 weeks of hanging out with one of my best mates in the most livable, and expensive as she kept reminding me, city in the world and I am refreshed.

Did we do anything else besides road trips? Yes! Yes, we went shopping and contributed to the nation’s economic health. Of course we saw Avengers: The End Game. Yes, we had a lazy day where we stayed in chatting, eating, reading our respective books, laughing, snoozing. We did all the usual bonding activities.

Eager to venture out into Victoria and Melbourne suburbs once more. I have missed touring my own backyard. 




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