Famine in the Animal Kingdom

Once upon a time… time.

There was a terrible famine in the Animal Kingdom. All the animals grew listless. Even the mighty King, Brer Lion, stopped preening around the jungle, as his once shiny fur began to lose the glossy sheen that he was famed for. 

The lack of food became so extreme that the animals decided to kill and eat their parents! This idea came about at a monthly meeting of the Lords and Knights of the kingdom. 

Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, and his family also suffered. It got so bad that they could barely muster the strength to greet him when he came home from his daily search for food. 

On one of his searches, Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, happened upon some banana plants that were heavy with fruit. The aroma was tantalising that he did not hesitate to gobble some up.  He had his fill and fell asleep. Then he returned home, to his family, empty handed. 

Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, being as cunning as he was kept this a secret. 

Each day, Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, would leave home purportedly in search of food. He would go to his hideout, eat his fill, sleep and then return home with a sullen face bemoaning the fact that he could not provide food for his family. 

In response to comments about him not losing any weight during this time, Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, would say “it’s in the genes”. 

As the banana supply was coming to an end, Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, decided to take the last five fingers home to his family.

When he got home, he distributed the bananas to his wife and children. They were delighted to have something to eat until they noticed that he did not have one for himself. 

He told them that the joy of watching them eat was enough for him. 

They said they couldn’t eat while he stayed hungry.

He said “Don’t worry about me. When your mother and I go out everyday and return without food, we feel frustrated but today is a good day. Enjoy your bananas. They smell so good.” 

They said please have some.

He refused and told them that the joy of watching them eat was enough for him. 

His wife said Anansi, please have half of my banana, as I won’t enjoy eating it, knowing that you are starving. They went back and forth until Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, agreed.

Then his eldest child said please have half of mine also, as I won’t be happy unless I share it with you. Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, accepted.

The next child also said Father, please have half of my banana, because I will enjoy it so much more knowing you are not going hungry. Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, also took that offering.

One by one, all of the other children gave Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, half of their banana. 

They sat down to eat together and all were pleased that Brer ‘Nansi, the spiderman, was not going to be hungry. 

The End.

Leave a comment :- Which childhood story or book do you recall that makes you smile? 




Family love. Innit marvellous. 

This is a condensed version of the story Mother told me at bed-time. 

ps Brer Lion would like it pointed out that his roar was pretty impressive, and he thinks he was quite a just and honest ruler of The Kingdom. He wouldn’t like his fur to be the only thing that he is remembered for. 


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