Brer Anansi the Spiderman

I love stories. I adore books. I still buy them even though I have a kindle. The satisfaction of turning a page, smelling and feeling the paper,  and being captivated with words. Nothing like it. 

Time was that I would be reading a book and become so engrossed that I would be unaware of my surroundings. Family would have to nudge me to get my attention. Being transported into a different world, believing the characters – crying when sad things happened to them, cheering when they have wins, holding my breath and putting my hand over my mouth because I am surprised by what is unfolding before my eyes. Laughing hysterically, in public, and having to hold my breath and stop reading for a minute. 

I am in awe of writers, authors, people who have published works, people who coin a brilliant phrase, I just love words. 

My love of books was gifted to me by my mother. Both parents told stories that enlightened me culturally and gave huge amounts of entertainment. My Dad would wax lyrical when “NEPA took light”.  NEPA – Never Expect Power Always! When NEPA took light he would regale us of stories about his countryman.

Mother was the first to tell me stories that did not have a good moral ending. They were stories of Brer ‘Nansi, the Spiderman. Stories of his cunning and wiles. Stories of him getting out of trouble by being slippery, dishonest, telling half-truths and generally being or using his gynial. Very different to the other stories I was told where there was a not so subtle call for children to behave or end up like “the boy who cried wolf”. Shudder! 

If I wanted a story repeated, I had to read the book and so I read and read and read.

I can still hear Mum’s voice when I read or recall the stories, and hear her chant “Brer ‘Nansi, the Spiderman” whenever she would say his name, whilst telling me the story. The joy of passing down a family tradition was evident in her voice. 

Brer ‘Nansi remains one of my favourite characters today, and I still read the books even though they are regarded as children’s books. He is just so naughty! Very naughty! Gets away with it every single time. 

Just quickly…

Please use a bookmark, dog ears are so disrespectful to books. Don’t ruin the spine, by laying it flat, to keep your place in the book. Come on! A good friend has a different slant on it. RoseHeart thinks it’s a mark of a well-loved book to have dog ears. Well, what do you think? Dog Ears or Book Marks?



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