A day out in Melbourne – the most lovable city in the world

Started off this morning doing a Shred Combat class at my new gym. That’s a whooooooole other story. Shred Combat is a mixture of boxing and martial arts and I la la la loved it!

The sun was especially large this morning. Is there a more scientific way of saying this?

Came home for a shower and to have brekky.

Got the train, into Melbourne CBD, to meet one of my besties. She is such a cool fashion queen! 

We met at Hamer Hall and chatted for a bit. It was so nice sitting on a wall in the Autumn sun with a bit of a breeze refreshing us. We then went on to the National Gallery of Victoria and spent 2 hours with Escher and Nendo at the Escher X Nendo exhibition. I am still not entirely sure where Nendo fits in? If you know, like really know, please let me know. Could have spent ages more. What a clever, creative guy Escher was. 

The use of different media, shapes, mathematics (YUUUUUUUUP!), forms, ideas, turning things upside down or sideup down, the forming of ideas, intricate planning and then execution of those plans is phenomenal. His playful nature, which shines through in his work, belies the strength of his convictions with his artwork. 

He would draw an image and then chisel it out onto wood, for the less discerning amongst you, namely me, these are called woodcuts, then he would use a technique to form a print. When you observe the “eye” print, and understand that is not a drawing or a photograph but a print of a drawing that has been etched onto wood and so on, you marvel. To be able to chisel folds and wrinkles such that you feel as though you are looking at a real eye, is breathtaking. AH! but then he made several such pieces and worked on other media and did other incredible stuff. Worra guy! 

I was so enraptured by every single item in the exhibition that I absolutely had to buy the Escher X Nendo I Between Two Worlds coffee table book. I anticipate hours and hours of being captivated by the pictures and tessellations and skill and creativity and all. 

In the interest of legal stuff, I don’t want to post pictures from the exhibition here and ofcoughcourse even though we could take pictures, I was busy cough absorbing them too much to cough take any. 

Here is one picture, a taster. This was from The House. I think this was the part of the exhibit which had the Nendo factor. With strategically placed lighting, amazing shadows form on the ground. 

The human shadow is not Nendo’s work.

So with a big sigh of contentment we exited the NGV building and headed off to Heartbreaker Bun Mee on Flinders Lane, for lunch.

Yumocity! The flavours, the freshness, the satisfaction, oh, oodles of satisfaction. Heartbreaker is understated in its façade and interior. I like the edgy simplicity. Was our first visit and highly recommended by two of the NGV cashiers. Cool fashion queen had her first Vietnamese coffee and enjoyed it beaucoup. We left pleasantly satiated and…

…sauntered off to Federation Square and sat under the shade, catching up on life and the universe. I was attacked by a bird. Helpful strangers informed me it was friendly. You know how when you are fully engrossed in a conversation with someone you are really close to and then something STRANGE is on your chest, you don’t know what, but it is not supposed to be there and therefore, reasonably, super startles you?… how would you react? I screamed and it was not helpful to hear “it’s friendly”. Scheeeeeeeups! (can translate the meaning of Scheeeeeeeups! if need be). You will be happy to know that we carried on our conversation like pros!

There is always something going on in Melbourne. Always! 

Well into our juicy conversation, we heard a jet plane (may not be correct description but bear with). What a fantastic racket! From our position, we could not see the plane and had to move to a better vantage point. The dips, dives and twirls, those pilots are something else. Then the fabulous Fed Sq people put the footage of the plane’s flight on their film screens. There are 2 giant screens at Fed Sq where films and whatnot are shown quite regularly. The same fab Fed Sq peeps also put out deck chairs for people to sit on so they could watch the show. Turns out the jet plane was part of the entertainment for what we locals call The Albert Park f1 Circuit. Might be officially called The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit (shrugs shoulders). So on a beautiful Autumn day, you could sit on deck chair in the heart of the most lovable city in the world and watch the cars vrooooooom! Go LEWIS! 

Just quickly – the deck chairs are free to borrow. We love you Melbourne, we do! We love you Melbourne, we do! O! Melbourne, we love you. 

Then just like that, we had spent many an hour together and all too soon, it was time to part. Already planned to see Couture on our next NGV visit. 

Two of my favourite Escher quotes

Only those who attempt the absurd will achieve the impossible. I think it’s in my basement… let me go upstairs and check.
If you only knew how entrancing, how stirringly beautiful the images in my head are the ones I am unable to express
(so there were other images but he could not express them, excuse me, let me go and faint!)
This picture sums up the day

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