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This year my goal is to improve my computer technology know-how. 

I can happily say that I am no longer awful at it and I do not shy away from it. It’s amazing how much I have learnt, how much more there is to learn and how it seems to be evolving every second. 

I still remember Encarta and Myspace. I am on FaceBook and then off again, on and off, back on now that I know it is not going anywhere. The vibe of FaceBook has changed and continues to do so. When I pay by cash, I feel like a dinosaur, some places no longer ask if you are paying by cash or card, the assumption is card and that you will payWave. A couple of years ago, I can’t remember if the internet servers were down or if there was a power outage, I went to pay for my petrol and the service station had an old credit card machine, I think it may be called a flatbed machine. In the space of a few years, we’ve gone from swipe the card to insert the chip to tap and pay. I can not imagine life without Watsapp or digital TV stations like BBC UK TV. Interestingly, for people in America, cheque check books are still alive and well. Watching an espionage show on TV, the ‘good guys’ were after a piece of equipment before it fell into the wrong hands. The equipment was developed by a scientist to be used by the medical profession to heal patients without using surgery. Shaped like a pen, it could be used to heal internal issues but in the wrong hands, well!

The same show had a 40-50 something year old tell his millennial counterpart that he would figure out an app on his own, without her help because after all, “my generation developed it so that your generation could play with it”. 

My disdain for computers came about from seeing things come and go. One fad after another. Viber – I miss the ring tone, the badges and emoji. Poor Viber! I joined the bandwagon of it’s changing humans and stopping us from socialising. I enjoy reading books, turning pages, the smell of bookshops… but I also have a kindle, which I am finding is useful. Very handy, in fact. I didn’t buy into the fact that technology made my life easier. My friend lost his thesis on a computer, this was ages ago now, but could not recover it from the computer. Yep, he had to re-type it, with the help of friends. These days, he would have been able to recover it with help from a tech-savvy friend or from trouble shooting via an internet search. So many search engines these days but one does dominate. I saw everything that was wrong with technology and the potential down falls. Like the service station having to use the old credit card reader. What happens when the internet is down? Or if there is a cyber-attack? I saw all the negative potential if used by the wrong people. At work, it made my job seem harder and took up more time leaving me less time to do what I was actually employed to do. Engage and inspire my charges. Each year, there seemed to be a new initiative and some new software that would improve outcomes for me, my organisation and people around me. 

Having the goal, increased my desire to embrace computer technology and caused me to think of fun ways to do it. Doing this blog has forced me to join in and offers a seemingly subtle way of learning. My blog, at the moment, is definitely old school and I will venture into videos and improving content and all the other things that will lead to better engagement for whoever reads it. A quick heartfelt thank you to those friends who pop by, read and contribute. 

I went to a conversation, hosted by RMIT, between industry experts titled Mind over Machine: Robotics and the Future of Work. It was both illuminating and overwhelming. Driverless cars that will respond to traffic signals, traffic and the like will be around by 2022. Whooooooooa! 3 out of the 4 speakers talked about need for and creating software that frees up the work force to do what computers and Artificial intelligence can’t do – like empathise, have real time conversations and thus leaving routine, mundane tasks to computers. Wouldn’t that be nice? 

I started doing a Social Media Marketing course and I am totally out of my depth. I feel like I am learning several different things at once (Marketing, Business, language, Social Media…) and my head spins and the terminology and the assignments and and and and…

Thinking about the future…

On my way home, I saw a train station platform-sized poster which in black letters on a white background, simply stated

Life Is a Lot

With my head full of the future of the world, my family, friends, decisions, challenges, past, present, future, helping people, making a difference, feeling overwhelmed, I thought how true it is. Then I smiled and thought, how true it is! With all it’s challenges, hurrahs, twists and turns, 

Life is a lot

and I love it! 

I now see computer technology as having the ability to enhance my life and as a tool to augment the way I do things. 



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  1. Mandy C says:

    Woohoo! excited for you, there’s a whole new computer world out there to explore, holla at your sis if you need assistance 😉

    1. JamENaijOz says:

      Thank you so much.
      Oh gosh! I will ask for lots of help. be prepared to break it down, down, down.

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