Easy breezy Temptation Tuesday

Introducing a salad from my kitchen to yours. 

It is colourful, vibrant, tasty, more-ish and delectable.

Only 3 ingredients:-

Cooked beetroot, diced into bitesize pieces

Grated Carrot

Walnuts, halved

Dressing: Olive oil, cumin, lemon juice, pinch of salt, smidgen of black pepper.

Mix the ingredients in a salad bowl until well distributed. Add the dressing just before serving. 

Don’t you think that Beetroot and Carrot are delightful vegetables that can be enjoyed throughout the year? Experiencing a hot summer in Melbourne and having to be creative with meals that take minimum fuss but are delicious, nutritious and satisfying. This ticks all the boxes.

This wonderful salad may be eaten as a meal as the different textures, colours and flavours are a diner’s delight. The deep purple colour of the beetroot contrasts with the vivid orange of the carrots and make a blog statement. The soft and almost melt in your mouth beetroot is cushioned on the slightly more chewy carrot and then the walnut makes an appearance but does not distract with its need for a more delicate bite. It is so easy to throw together. Little Sister and Brit sister thought highly of it. It is now on Brit Sister’s repertoire of meals. 

I have thought of calling it – Crunchy Beetroot Salad. For a millisecond, I was excited about combining the words beetroot and carrot and offering a Walnut Beetrot Salad. Or maybe I should think inside the box and call it dah dah dum dum dah dah…                                              Walnut, Beetroot and Carrot Salad. Any suggestions are most welcome. 

You may add finely sliced celery and/or scallion (spring onion) to it. If you do add scallion, it may be prudent to let it steep in the dressing for about 10 minutes or have some breath mints to hand. The green colour and flavours do add another dimension to this salad. 

Which easy breezy dish would you like to share from your kitchen to mine? 


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