Happy New Year of the Pig

I did my bit at the weekend to live up to the year. wink! oink! Now got to get back to being a Phoenix. 

I am watching the Harry Potter films because god-daughter number 1 is mad about that world. Her fanaticism is infectious. HP books were a huge phenomenon in the late 90s and I am surprised that they are still captivating people. The films, the books, the paraphernalia, the theme parks (yes, plural), theme parks in different countries are huge. Back in the day, I did not read any of the books and only got as far as seeing HP and the Philosopher’s Stone at the movies. 

It is not that I was not interested in the stories, I think I was, but I scare easily so I wanted to save myself from months of nightmares and checking under every bed and inside every cupboard, cabinet… I remember having my hands over my eyes most of time when I first saw HP and the Philosopher’s Stone. I watched Scream and oooooooooo! For years, I exaggerate not, I could not walk in front of glass windows at night. One of the houses I lived in had… I can’t relive it, sorry. Then I foolishly saw the next instalment. Well, that was the end of using public toilets for about a year. 

Even though it is almost 20 years since the first film came out and I am watching the films in 2019, I am beginning to understand the hype and longevity. There’s action, magic, intrigue, love, loyalty, betrayal, forgiveness and believable characters. I definitely did not watch the HP and the Chamber of Secrets spider scene. Shiver! There’s enough to keep me captivated and my engineering brain sometimes has to remind myself that it is magic that moves the staircases at Hogwarts. Stop thinking! Just watch the movie. The class sizes, lack of lesson planning, having feudal students in the same room and dismissal before the bell rings has my teacher brain spasming. Stop thinking! Just watch the movie! I miss the old Dumbledore’s smooth voice and easy manner. As soon as I saw newbie in HP 3, I knew! Gravelly, loud voice. He lacks the finesse, humility and all knowingness (I know it is not a word but I don’t want to use Omniscient. See what I did there. teeheehee) of the original Prof D. I loved the interactive pictures. Very cool but I would not want one in my home. All good! 

I am sort of invested now. I want to know more about Mr and Mrs Potter. Why did they have to die? I think someone said they sacrificed themselves so HP could live? Why is HP special? Non-muggle’s never him. Is Professor Snape a softie deep down? In our world do spiders such as Aragog exist? No need to answer, thanks. Getting itchy. I say sort of invested because I won’t read the books. Yeah, No! (OH! I am fully Aussie now! If you know, you know. I am so tempted to delete those words and pretend like it never happened. If a tree falls in the forest… Yeah, No! OOOOOOOOOOO!). Having said that, I did enjoy reading Children of Blood and Bone which is young adult fiction. Can’t wait for the rest of the trilogy and the muchly anticipated film. There’s something about Children of Blood and Bone that reminded me of Hogwarts inhabitants. They do have some similarities in that children save the world using their intelligence, courage and magic spurred on by adults who have inspired, loved, respected and taught them everything they know.  

Watching HP is new for me and it is fresh. Can’t wait to discuss with the fan in my family. 

I am determined to keep 2019 fresh all the way through and do things I have never done before. No longer will January 1st or the month of January be the harbinger of newness and invincibility, only to have the cruel winter or one monumental set back bring me back down to reality in February with the desire to wait until the New Year. At least winter at the beginning of the year is no longer an issue for me. 

My goals for the year are still going well. I am at the ‘just beginning to notice a difference’ phase. Can’t wait for the ‘I have always been this way, I don’t recognise myself’ phase. Usually comes after the ‘why didn’t I do this before, it really is not as bad as I thought’ phase. 

Time to go watch some BBC UK TV. If you know me, you will know why I am watching this channel.

Happy New Year! 


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