Back to life! Back to Reality! Honey Carrot Macadamia cupcakes.

Back to life! Back to Reality! 

It does feel like Christmas and New Year celebrations are truly over. No more decorations. No more days off nor long weekends nor Mondays off in lieu of a holiday. Hardly any Christmas paraphernalia sales and if there are they are 90% off. A quick look in the “bargain” bin will let you know why the prices are so pleasing. I did score a pair of fun Christmas glasses from MYER (is my store – if you know, you know) for… drum roll, 90 cents. They filled me with joy when I saw them and might even make an appearance for a Christmas in July celebration. 

Back to work and now back to school. I do hope the New Year shine is still amongst us. Today, god-daughter number 4 started her first day at school. Brand new uniform, very cute, proud impatient smile. She will spend everyday at school, during the school term, for the next 12 years of her life. WOW! My mind is wandering… With most school students in Australia resuming the fresh academic year this week the freshness of the new year has been kept alive for me. I spent the day with god-daughters 1, 2, and 3 yesterday; new high school, uniform, stationery, books, wake up time. So very exciting! Moving! 

I wish all teachers and students a brilliant start to the year. May this week be relatively cool and the PDs short and relevant (LOLCANO!!!!!!! I just burst out laughing then at short PDs… cough, cough, ahem). 

With it being a Temptation Tuesday and in the spirit of newness, I offer you a new recipe which I tried out at the weekend. 

I got it from a cupcake recipe book and adapted the spices. Renaming it Honey Carrot Macadamia Cupcakes.


100g (unsalted) butter

1 cup honey

2 cups self-raising flour

1 teaspoon allspice 

1 teaspoon cinnamon

150 g grated carrot

1 small/medium sized banana mashed 

70 g chopped macadamia nuts. Please note, you will need some of the chopped nuts to decorate the cupcakes. 

2 lightly beaten eggs 

The recipe said this would make 32 mini cupcakes. If I had read the recipe, carefully, before I started making it, I would have realised that the resultant batter would be enough to make close to 24 regular sized cupcakes.

Ready, Steady, let’s bake aka What to do 

Preheat oven to 180C. Line a mini cupcake tine with paper cases. Very cute! 

Melt butter and honey in a saucepan, stirring until combined. Allow to cool otherwise, you will end up with scrambled, honey butter soup. Sift the flour into a bowl and then add the other ingredients, folding in until combined. Try very hard not over-mix. 

Using a teaspoon place some batter in each paper case. Sprinkle some chopped nuts on the cakes before placing in the oven. Bake for 10 minutes or until a tester comes out clean after being inserted into the centre of a cake. 

There was sooooooo much batter left over that I was able to make a further 16, yes 16, regular sized cupcakes. I did not decorate them with chopped nuts so I am calling them teacakes. 

Preparation took some doing. Grating, chopping (thank goodness the Macadamias I had in my pantry were not whole ones otherwise it would have been tricky dicky), measuring sticky honey, separating the mini cupcake cases.


They aroma was amazing. I had them in a portable cupcake carry case and when I took the lid off, I was hit with a delicious whiff of warm honey, banana and cinnamon. Perhaps, it could be bottled and infused into a candle. mmmmmmmmm! 


Looking at the set of cakes side by side, sprinkling some nuts on before baking certainly makes a difference to the appearance n’est ce pas? 

Good-looking cupcakes! Not arresting, second-look good-looking but they have something going for them. Flavoursome and moist. I like that the decoration is simple but effective. They were quite sweet so decorating with frosting or butter icing would be a disaster. Definitely should accompany a hot beverage. I did make them for god-daughter number 3’s high tea birthday party. Perfect size to pop on your saucer whilst drinking your tea. 

If I were to make them again, which I probably won’t, I would swap honey for sugar. Controversial?! I think the honey was overpowering. A bit like how I find the flavour of almond meal in baked goods a bit much. All I could taste was the honey. I might try nutmeg instead of cinnamon for a punch. Perhaps I could try using less honey. If I loved them, I would tweak a lot, however, I don’t, so feel free to use and experiment. If you do experiment, please share your findings. Thanks ever so. 


PD is Professional Development.

Popping your cake on your saucer next to your teacup is not proper etiquette. The mini cupcakes are cute enough for family and friends to overlook, surely. 

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