7 days make 1 weak

I’ve had another amazing week of meeting up with loved ones. 

Emotionally draining! Sometimes I can’t keep up with myself.

From meeting Posh Brit and Brit Sister in the city for our last lunch together before Brit Sister goes off on her tree change to having dinner with the Marvellous family to celebrating a god-daughter’s 10th birthday and everything in between. Tennis is on, Serena had an injury. Federer lost to a newbie – bittersweet. Surviving the heat. Did some gardening. Did some baking, of course! New recipe, not sure about it. Discovered a new way of decorating. Watched a you-tube video of teenagers being teenagers and doing the nicest things for strangers – I unravelled. Happy tears. 

I have been a bit quiet but there is a lot going on. Lots and lots and lots happening. Lots of fun and organising and planning and then watching stuff unfold in ways that were not planned. Not planned but turned out to be the best. I am living my best life some of which will be relayed in good time. 

Living my life like it is golden! 

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