Summer in Melbourne. Summer in Australia.

Summer down under. 

It’s all sunshine and fun. Shorts and thongs (jandals/flip flops/plastic causal footwear). Days at the beach frolicking in the waves. Beach towels. Backyard cricket. Cricket at the G (the Melbourne Cricket Ground). Tennis at the Australian Open (what is with the new logo?). Music in the parks. People sleeping overnight on the beach at St Kilda. Barbecues with friends and cold drinks. Shooting the breeze. Hats and sunnies (sunglasses). Tans and sunscreen. Zooper doopers. Hose water fights or Nerf guns. Lovely! Lovely? Potaytoes, Potahtoes!

Now, if you are overseas and watch Neighbours and Home Away, don’t believe the back drop or scenery. It does rain and it does get cold but at the moment, it’s impossible to think or breathe. It’s hot! Not warm, hot. H-O-T, hot! Yet, you will never see a raincoat nor umbrella on the shows neither will there be any perspiring or dare I say, sweating. 

I’ve already said I hate the heat so I may be biased but check this out

Number 1) According to the El Dorado Weather site, the warmest 15 places on the planet in the past 24 hours were all in Australia. These ranged from Tarcoola in inland South Australia, which reached 49.1 C (120.4f) to Yulara in the Northern Territory at 46.1 C (115f). Ouch, right?! 

Number 2) It is not the height of the summer season yet. AT ALL.

I am positively complaining about the heat. Shan’t promise it will be the last complaint. I am mindful of friends who are in areas where it is -2 C, the lucky loves. 

The beautiful beaches along Black Rock Road in Melbourne have cool water (positive) but you have to bring your own beach umbrella (negative) to provide much needed shade. The same for most beaches in Oz. byo shade.

Living in Melbourne it’s great to get out to Rod Laver arena for tennis. I used to go every year but realised it was more bearable to deal with the temperatures from the comfort of my home (positive) and I only had to put up with the commentators (negative).

The thing about backyard BBQs is that it is so much easier to cook outside on a warm (trying not to abuse the word hot) day if you need to. It’s convenient and quick and oh so delicious. However, above a certain temperature, there is usually a total fire ban. So, back indoors. 

I have not been outdoors yet but am quite sure that the tar on the road will have melted in some areas. 

I had so much more to moan talk about but as they say, misery loves company and a trouble shared is a trouble halved, I feel better now. Thanks. Keep cool and hydrated people. Keep hydrated.  

I am off to put on some music and dance. 


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