Favourite food



Moin-Moin cooked in leaves. Not sure which leaves are used but they are thick like banana leaves. 

Suya and it goes without saying that there should also be raw red onions and tomatoes. Takeaway container – newspaper of course! 

Egusi soup with pounded yam 

Boli and epa 

Okro soup with eba

Puff Puff 

Chin Chin (it does seem like we repeat words tutu (cold), lailai (never), ré ré (good), pata pata (finished/completely), now now, jaga jaga and on and on and ariston!)

(Jollof Rice… has lost its appeal but maybe if I had party Jollof Rice?)


Fish and Chips


Apple pie

Roast dinner with all the trimmings except brussel sprouts and yorkshire pud. Yeah, hold those in contempt. 


Rice and Peas

Curry Goat

Brown Stew chicken

Escoveitch fish

Sat’day soup

Run dung


Bulla cake with pear

Jerk pork, Jerk chicken

Breadfruit, roasted

Ackee and Saltfish

Bun and cheese

Most fruit – Mango, Soursop, Coconut (technically not a fruit hey!) 

Australian and eateries:-

Brunch – best meal of the day in my humble opinion 

Barbie (Barbecue, of course, not the doll) 

Hunter and Barrel, Ringwood 

Hanoi Hannah, Elsternwick  particularly the Beef Rice Vermicelli sth sth with lemongrass

Levanter Cafe, Balaclava

Stirr it up Cafe, Ringwood

Delhi Streets, Melbourne CBD





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