Around the world in a few days

I’ve had the best time this past week. Spent a whole day with Brit Sister on Tuesday. Whole day with Big Sister on Thursday. Friday sleep over and Saturday with RoseHeart. All very different women. Women who I consider to be part of my Melbourne family. 

Even though each friendship has been close to or much longer than 10 years, we are still learning from each other. Each day was filled with sharing deep heart felt stuff and laughing our heads off. No tears this time but we were close. Raw emotions. We know each other well but are all still growing and changing that  we keep each other on our toes. We accept each others idiosyncrasies. We may not completely understand each other but we are supportive. We defend and are fiercely proud of our achievements and who we are. There is respect, love, loyalty and trust. 

We ventured to different parts of Melbourne. To summarise – lots of talking, bit of shopping and heaps of fun. 

Brit Sister Ladies Day (yup, still not loving the …and me). That is what we called our adventure – Ladies Day. We met up at my home and travelled together to Balaclava (it is not an undercover name. Tis the real name of a beautiful suburb in Melbourne) and the destination was Carlisle Accessories to get some hats for Brit Sister’s imminent tree change. When we arrived on Carlisle St, we were suddenly ravenous and of all the eateries, Brit Sister spied and set on Levanter Cafe. BEST CHOICE!

I ordered the Syrian coffee which was described on the menu as a black coffee with spices. Brit Sister ordered Prana Chai and made sure it was going to be brewed rather than a tea bag (ok for some occasions but never when out and about and certainly NOT on a Ladies Day) or powdered sweetened yuckity. I was expecting our drinks to arrive in glasses and be done.

This is what happened

The Prana Chai came in a glass, as expected, but, but, but, but, look at the wooden tray it is served on and there is a refill and the honey in a mini jug and the tea strainer and then, and then my coffee served on the left in a mini coffee pot. Ok, let me slow down a bit. It was such an unexpected delight for them to go through so much trouble with the presentation. Under the dome is a treat which is a prune stuffed with pistachios and the tip of the prune is covered with crushed nuts. 

We ordered the Levanter Breakfast.

The picture says it all I hope. If it doesn’t, go! go! get it! get it! go! go! get it! get it! If you can’t venture over yourself, I am happy to return to Levanter and take you through it step by step. 

Decor at Levanter Cafe is bright and airy. They are incredibly warm and welcoming. Felt like I was visiting a new friends home. 

I am all about making moments special. No matter how mundane, you can still put the whimsy into something that makes your attention wane. Washing dishes wearing heels and fun gloves. Wearing colourful work out shoes. Having a really nice glass at work to drink water from. The presentation at Levanter contributed to making Ladies Day special. Although the food was extremely delicious, it is the presentation that I treasure and will always remember. 

We did make it to Carlisle Accessories and made a few purchases. Doesn’t matter what beautiful things we bought. 

The afternoon found us at 400Gradi having cocktails. 

Yes, well spotted! It does look like the cocktail from Day 23 of the advent calendar. However, there is a slight variation. Less sweet with more lime added to it. It is no longer The White Christmas Mojito, it now named after me. What an honour. My friend named her son after me, well that is my story… and now a cocktail. Next, more friends naming their children after me hint hint hint and a Maths scholarship. Totally off topic now. Where was I? 

Oh yes, après-cocktails.

Then we went to Mimco, my favourite Melbournian bag designer and maker. I am a Mimco tragic. Made some purchases. Don’t worry about it. No, you don’t need pictures. 

Ended the day chatting at mine. Brillopads day.

Took Big Sister to Northcote for a day out. She had never been and there were some clothes shops I thought she might like. 

Had coffee 

Loving the barista art. 

then hit some shops in Northcote and Thornbury. Yes, more beautiful purchases were made. 

Ended up at Hunter and Barrel for lunch. It is the only place that I always get the same meal. Every. Single. Time. Pumpkin side and chicken entrée. Doesn’t sound like much but if you know, you know. Hmmmmmm! Might find myself there today. 

At the end of the day Big Sister said she felt like she had been away on holiday. Hit the nail on the head. 

Friday arvo, went over to RoseHeart’s home. We then went to Half Moon Bay Beach. One of the many beautiful beaches along Black Rock Road. Beautiful spot. 

A ship wreck was purposefully placed to break up the waves. No buried treasure there. Spent a bit of time there as it was not too hot or busy. 

Went back to the house and watched Lionheart, a new movie by Genevieve Nnaji. What a beautiful film. Watching the character’s gestures made my heart smile. The non-verbal communication was so real and honest – facial expressions, arms, hands, shoulders said so much. Using the shoulders to communicate is way more than shrugging. It conveys deep emotional pain and turmoil. As in… deep! Based in Eastern Nigeria in Anambra State, the characters speak in Igbo and English. My two favourite languages are Igbo and French; I think they are incredibly romantic. Mmmmmmmm! Thoroughly enjoyed the film. Have only been to Anambra State once, so I drank in the landscape and scenery. Might have to watch the film again because I probably missed a lot of the dialogue. I enjoy words, sentences, phrases, that are coined in interesting and vivid ways. The film had a lot of wise, rich sayings/proverbs. I’ll be back on a Words Wednesday with a few of the phrases if I get to re-watch it. RoseHeart enjoyed the fashion and commented on the colours and styles. Gudonyer netflix for showcasing Nollywood films. 

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Levanter Cafe. I know! I knew RoseHeart would enjoy the coffee, which she sooooooo did. Plus, the Cafe is oh so close to her home. 

Trained it the city and Debenhams introductions were made. Thank goodness the cafe is now open. David Jones and Myer also got a look in. Meandered along lane ways and went back to RoseHeart’s home. Was having so much fun that I decided to forfeit my Comic’s Lounge night (sorry Khaled Khalafalla) and hung out a bit longer. We had Vietnamese street food from Hanoi Hannah for dinner. Watched another film, The Angel, which is based on a true story about a top ranking Egyptian official who often gave Mossad sensitive information. Enjoyed hearing the different languages and seeing the backdrop. Quite a bit of the film was based in London. Lovely to see my hometown in a different era. Home for me is London, Lagos and Melbourne. 

After a week in which some days were spent with beautiful and amazing friends, I have been to Egypt, Israel, England quite a few times, Vietnam, Nigeria, Libya, Syria, passed by Greece, Italy and all from the comfort of Melbourne, Australia. 

I do feel like I have been on a holiday. I have a tan, pictures, bags to unpack and feel jet-lagged. No joke, I actually feel exhausted. I am post holiday rejuvenated and full of stories.  I have the holiday glow. 

What an incredible vacation! Contributed to the Australian economy. Hardly a sizeable contribution between the four of us but we did our bit. Tried our best. 

Good memories, good chats, belly laughs, good friends.

Such fun! 





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