Summer Afternoon

Summer Afternoon – the two most beautiful words in the English Language according to Henry James.
It’s hot. To be very clear, I am complaining.
U know it’s hot when the spiders pack their bags and galang! U know it’s hot when you put the clean knife in the teaspoon section and the teaspoon section in the knife. Yup! still hot. U know FOR SURE IT’S HOT WHEN FLIES FLY INTO YOUR HOME AND surprisingly, find their own way out. Apologies for silently shouting. A fly was buzzing round my head and I thought I would have to get up and usher it out. Never understood how a fly can find it’s way into my home through a slightly open window but then if I completely open the window AND the door next to it, fly starts faking it. Buzzes around, knocking itself into the glass panes and being generally annoying. Now I know they are jokers!
Can’t sleep. Too hot.
Can hardly string a sentence together because it’s…
Put the a/c on, I hear you say. I reply, smugly, that I watched a documentary about Polar Bears and how global warming aka toomuchism is affecting them. It was all yadi-yadi-same-same-beautiful-scenery-and-I-bet-those people-dry-their-clothes-in-the-dryer-instead-of-outside-on-a-line until I saw a Mama Bear have to hop and hide with her 2 cubs from a Male Bear who was hunting the cubs because he was desperately hungry. So sad! No, he didn’t catch them but then the documentary was children friendly so we were saved from watching their gory ends. I respect animals but would not describe myself as an animal lover. Definitely respect them. There was something about those Polar Bears that touched me. Majestic! Survived evolving from Brown bears into Polar bears, or so the doco said, only to have to resort to eating baby versions of themselves because their seal feeding platforms are melting. It was then I decided that shopping with re-usable bags and not using a clothes dryer is not cutting it. I need to do more. So, I am lying down, breathing shallowly and only using one finger to type so I don’t exert more energy than I need to. Not sure how long a/c being in the off position will last as today is only a top of 29C.
I drove (defeats purpose somewhat I know) to Costco for respite and even Costco was hot.
I also note that Summer has just begun so these 4 back-to-back hot days are nothing compared to what’s coming. I also know the week children resume school is the hottest of the year. I also, yes, this is a topic I can go on about for days. As I was saying, I also know that Brit Sister is in for a shock when she tree changes to Jamestown. My consolation is her new home has air-conditioning.
Let the good times roll!

I was not going to post the above but have decided to as it is night time and it is still hot. (Night time v night?) Okidokie! I read an article that suggested ways to keep cool. You know how you have a hot water bottle. Article suggested to place water in said bottle, place it in the freezer and “create a bed-friendly ice pack”. I can report that it did help me to feel a bit more comfy last night. You can’t keep your toes the opposite of toastie or place bottle on your body because it’s too cold. I did place my hand on it from time to time. It defrosted quite quickly. Oh and I had to turn the bottle over in the freezer because it only froze on the uppermost side. Surprised it froze at all. I performed that exercise in the name of Science which is exactly why I am trying out the “cold water bottle” in bed again. One trial is not enough and does nothing for Statistics. Cheerio! 

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