Fresh Gregorian New Year

It’s still a New Year. We are only two weeks in to it. For some people the New Year starts on 5th February, 2018. For others, it started 20th Sept 2017. 

You can start afresh whenever you like. Just as Sunday is the beginning of the week for some people and Monday for others, your New Year and resolutions (or lack of) start whenever you are ready. Do not let getting back to work, a bad moment, interactions with loved ones, incomplete goals or home improvements from last year “dull your shine”. 

If your year started well and has continued to woohooyay!

If your year has not started well and you have already given up on it woohooyay!

Whatever is going on, we still have 50 weeks left to make a difference. 49 weeks until Christmas, I know! That alone is cause for celebration. 

I heard this last year and it made an impact on me because I am quite goal orientated. Victory is all about trusting in the process and not about trying to succeed. The process could be your faith or beliefs, your camaraderie with colleagues as you make dents in the new project, leaning new things about yourself as you embark on a healthier lifestyle and not just losing weight. There are other situations where success is important such as your child growing up to become a companion. All those years of late nights, changing diapers, school events, being a taxi cab, teenage years, disciplining, doing laundry, repeating instructions and so on are worth it when they start being good company. With my goals this year, I am more aware of what I am learning as I work through them. What frustrates me? When am I tempted to make shortcuts? Which goal do I give more time and attention to? I like meeting my goals. To be able to pick up the list and go tick, tick, tick, tick, boom. (Pardon me, I have songs in my head all. the. time.). I love the feeling of completion but never really reflect on what it took for me to achieve that goal. Hence, in the past I may have achieved my goals but not made any beneficial or lasting change. Every year, I want to grow, I want to be different, I want to make an impact. This year, I want to grow, I want to be different and I want to make an impact but I am going to be more patient and enjoy the steps that I take to accomplish these goals. I am also, shock! horror!, open to those goals completing changing along the way. C’est la vie, n’est ce pas? 

This year, I am going to endeavour to bear in mind that most of the time, the best part is being part of the development or unfolding of events. 

So whichever stage of the new year you are at, keep it fresh, keep it fun, keep it simple, keep it brillopads. You are inspiring to at least one other person in the world so keep going. In 50 weeks, you will have so many great stories to tell. WORD!

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