This is both a Public Service Announcement and a request. Part of the Tempting Tuesdays. 

I received a beautiful gift in the form of a book “The World’s Best Drinks and where to find them”. Beautiful book with descriptions and recipes from different countries and a bit of background behind the drink. Enjoying it because I feel like I am travelling without going through passport control. 

So here’s the kicker…

those of you who buy cheap red wine and get shamed for it. You know, you buy a cask wine and your friends won’t touch it, you think it’s a bargain. Wine in a card board box with a tap for easy access. Or you buy from the bottom shelf or the bucket near the checkout. I am not talking about wine deals. I am talking about wine that is one degree away from vinegar. The kind that always guarantees a hangover the next day. Well… no need to thank me but you can make this drink and wow your naysayers. You now have a legitimate reason for buying cheap wine. 

It is Kalimotxo, a drink from Spain. You will need strong and dry red wine and I quote “of the cheaper variety” and cola (no point in saying Coca-Cola as standards are already low so, cola). Simply mix equal parts of wine and cola and serve with ice. 

Could not be simpler. That was the Public Service Announcement. 

The request is please make it and let me know your verdict.

I never get hangovers. 


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