Happy New Year

Whooooooooa! It’s the 3rd of January already. I can hardly believe that the year is taking shape and rushing past taking great strides.

I am all over my goals and doing well with them thank you. 

Now, I am deeply in to the new year, I get it! 

Newness! I love celebrating my birthday and do something different every year. I look forward to it and celebrate me. Not my achievements or who I am, just me that I was born and I am excited to complete and begin another year, simultaneously.

New beginnings. That’s why we love a good wedding, new job, babies, new home, new stationery, new clothes… 

If I can just find that new top, my workouts will be fierce! If I get a new outfit to wear to my interview, I will get that job. New clothes make us feel invincible. I will fit into these trousers in a few weeks, no problem.

New home – I will definitely fold all my clothes and underwear neatly into the drawers. I won’t be a hoarder. As soon as something needs fixing, I will be on to it. Projects, well, I will have a list and get them done because the new home will make me do it. The man shed will be used more than the house. The bicycle will not collect cobwebs. Will meet and be best friends with neighbours. I bought this home and will transform it into the home of my dreams in 3 months, 6 tops. I moved to be closer to the mountains/lakes/park/work/school and will ski, run, walk daily. 

New stationery – I will write that book that is in me. I will be super organised and have a spring in my step for every event. 

New hobbies or getting stuff to inspire us to continue with old hobbies. The new fishing rod, the visit to the toy shop to purchase 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles, gym membership renewal, signing up for singing/diving/flying/ lessons, acquiring new techno-gizmo gadgets, buying yet another language learning book avec CD that promises you will learn the language in weeks so that you will be able to buy the ticket and go on your dream vacation which will change your life.

I think that is it. Most of us want to grow and do better with at least one thing in our lives. Or just have a different life. New events stir something inside us and with a smile, we reminisce and decide to pursue our dreams.

2019 is the first year in ages that I have discussed goals with friends. It seems we are ready to make and meet those goals. We have done that in the past and failed or succeeded. Gone through years of not making goals. Perhaps even given up on the 5th of December after the Christmas trees and decorations go back into their boxes. This year though, there is something in the air. Something is different. We seem to be more intentional about meeting our freshly made goals. More content and happy with who we are right now. 

I have a new diary which is colourful and has quotes in it. Nice quotes not the annoying ones which make one question whether the person who aired it lives in the real world. Quotes like “there must be something strangely sacred in salt. It is in our tears and in the sea”. Make of that what you will. I take it to mean eat salt, crying is normal and swim in the sea unless it makes your hair shrink. This year, I have decided not to just use my diary to record appointments, but also write what I did that day with whom and where. 

I do want to get better at decorating cakes. I want to get creative with using things other than just icing. Aesthetically pleasing and delicious cakes is the goal. 

That is one of my 3 goals. It is measurable and I will be able to sustain it through the year. Exciting times! 

I wish you a very Happy 2019 and Best Wishes for success with all your goals or intentions. 

I leave you with this quote:-

The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new – Socrates


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  1. Judy says:

    Fantastic quote!! Muchly needed today!! 😊

    1. JamENaijOz says:

      On behalf of Socrates… I am glad it helped.

  2. Amanda says:

    “The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new”….. love this!❤

    1. JamENaijOz says:

      Thanks. Seems so simple but quite deep.

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