Favourite books

The Bible – Hebrews, Ecclesiastes, Ephesians, 1&2 Kings, Esther, Ruth. I love the drama, relationships, miracles, humour, sarcasm, back-stabbing, loyalty, faith and hope. 

Trials of Brother Jero – the first book I read by a Nigerian author. Then I saw the play. In awe! 

Enid Blyton books – The Magic Faraway Tree, The Famous Five, Secret Seven, Malory Towers (inspired my desire to go to boarding school. This is why I should remember fiction is not always based on fact. Good times! Mallory lashings and Sagamu lashings were totally different. Totally. Chalk and cheese!)

Brer Nansi the Spider man stories – these were the bedtime stories my mum told me. Stories as told to her by her mother. No books, just from memory. Deeply special! 

Aesop’s Fables. Where Brer Nansi stories encouraged cunning and trickery these had moral endings of a different kind. 

Jane Austen books – Pride and Prejudice (and the TV series with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. Yes, Jennifer was in it as well.), Lady Susan (if you have not read it, may I urge you to do so. Recently adapted for TV but not as good).

The Number 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series – The Saturday Big Tent Wedding Party should have had mentioned Mma Makutsi’s shoes. I do like and re-read a lot of Alexander McCall Smith books. I like the way he portrays humanity in everyday people. Very soothing to read his books after watching the news. 

The Chronicles of Narnia.

Andrea Levy books – Every Light in the House Burning, Small Island, Fruit of the Lemon, Never Far From Nowhere, The Long Song. (Every light in the house burning is a common  complaint Jamaican parents make.)

Chimamanda Adichie books especially Americanah and The Thing Around Your Neck. 

John Grisham books.

Marian Keyes books for her humour, warmth and ability to read in one sitting. 

Jamaica Labrish. 

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories.

The Number Devil – great book for children to engage with Mathematics in a non-traditional way.

Just last week finished reading Children of Blood and Bone. Thoroughly enjoyed it, thought about it when I was not reading it. Hurry up with the sequel and hope the film stays true to the essence of the book. 



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