The end of cocktail Advent Calendar 2018

All together now… Nawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Now that I have finished the cocktail Advent Calendar, how do I feel?

It was both annoying and satisfying having something to do everyday. I don’t like plans, but I like having things to look forward to. I don’t like doing the same thing everyday because I am not excited about structure. I like to be busy but I don’t want to do anything. Conundrum! How do I navigate life? Enjoyed travelling on the train but also missed my car. The convenience and frequency of public transport had me considering getting a 2019 myki card. Of course I won’t. pfffft!

I feel elated, satisfied, proud of myself. 

I totally enjoyed travelling to different suburbs in Melbourne. Every suburb is like a completely different city. In London, you can tell from an accent if someone is from East London or South London. It is slowly becoming that way in Melbourne. The subtleties in suburb attire is becoming more noticeable. Brunswick folk and Northcote folk have a different vibe. It’s cool and earthy and they are the in-crowd. Footscray has undergone an amazing facelift in the decade I have been here. Not the same place at all. 

Visiting the bars was not as much fun. Not so much! Very few outgoing, chirpy, knowledgeable staff. I don’t usually like friendly awaryagoing staff but cumon! it was Christmas time (mistletoe and time, children singing Christian rhyme) the most wonderful time of the year. I felt like a crazy cat lady asking the bartenders if they had a festive cocktail and which was their favourite to make. It was like I was speaking Martian. Blank, vacant stares when I explained what I was doing. 

400Gradi was the best experience for presentation, colour, taste and amiability. The White Christmas Mojito. I am going to get them to name it after me. I’ll keep you posted!

Sooki made me feel welcome. The bartender had me jumping hoops when she tasted the cocktail. Apple Pie.

Abacus was memorable because it used Australian flavours in its Espresso Martini and it was beautifully presented. Wattleseed Espresso Martini. 

Fargo and Co, the bartender got it! He listens, he was amused and he recommended a good cocktail. The Heist.

Unfortunately, Fargo and Co is also the first place I saw cocktails on tap. Cocktails! On tap! Pulling a cocktail! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes! It’s hard not to feel let down and difficult to erase that image from my head. You can keep your Happy Hour On tap Cocktails. I still like you though. Your rooftop views and The Heist made up for it. 

As I went about my wee adventure, I picked up a few tips for myself. Perhaps you will agree and even give me a few pointers. A good cocktail will be beautifully adorned and presented in a solid glass. The glass will be an appropriately shaped receptacle as befitting the concoction. There will not be too much ice in the glass. The bartender will taste after mixing. Straws are not always necessary and can be a hindrance. The drinker will be momentarily transported to a different place. Cocktails are an occasional drink, they have no place in the daily life of anyone. 

What is your favourite cocktail and recipe? 



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