Boxing Day – Day Twenty- Four of cocktail Advent Calendar avec cocktail

Boxing Day!

The very next day after Christmas Day and people go mad with bargain hunting during sales. Some people stay home and relax. Others rush off to return unwanted presents. 

Once upon a time, Boxing Day sales used to have dirt cheap sales. Once upon a time there were sales only twice a year, Now, there are sales almost everyday so it is almost not worth waiting until Boxing Day. 

I did go into the city this year for sale shopping. The city was heaving with tourists and locals. As I made my way over to the South Wharf DFO, I kept asking myself what possessed me to think shopping today was a good idea. I persevered behind people strolling, stopping abruptly and snail speed walkers. Arrived at the DFO and there was a lot of traffic at the entrance but I made it into the centre and then stopped. It was unbearably hot. All those bodies rendering the sir conditioning ineffective. Urgh! Well, I am here now so let’s go in a shop. Walked past the queues in front of the sports shops. Yes, there are queues to get in with door-persons controlling the queues. I found a shop without queues spent about 2 minutes in there and then gave up. I can’t come and faint! 

Left the throngs and found Soho Bar. I went to Soho Bar because it was recommended as having a brillopads Limoncello Martini. Soho Bar did the direct opposite of the 400Gradi. The one positive is that there was genuinely nice service from the guys. In trying to get my cocktail, what a palaver! Long story short, it is no longer on the menu and after a while I received an alternative cocktail. 

Soho Martini. It is a chilled, sweet and tangy (lemoniciously so) cocktail. On this day, chilled and sweet is only descriptive of the cocktail. White chocolate comes through on the tongue and through the nose. It is a pleasant double hit of chocolate. Needs to be prettier. Where’s the sprig of rosemary? Or the juicy cherry? I was so sad. The disappointment was so deep that it showed and I received apologies. Apparently, Limoncello Martini is a winter cocktail. 

This was supposed to be my last cocktail of the cocktail Advent Calendar. I was expecting to finish with a bang. A delicious and gorgeous looking cocktail in a substantive glass. Never mind, it has been an incredible experience. Visiting old haunts and getting around Melbourne on the train has been such a pleasure. 

The only way to recover from the Limoncello Martini Fiasco is to go home and dance to the tunes from my new Christmas Album.

Mma Ramotswe, the protagonist from The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, would recommend Pumpkin, a pot of Rooibos tea and fruit cake for such a disaster. 



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  1. Nicky O says:

    I feel the disappointment of the cocktail

    1. JamENaijOz says:

      Thank you jare!

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