Day Twenty-Three of cocktail Advent Calendar

There’s a restaurant I have walked past several times, never been tempted in, and always noticed the Campari sign near one of its windows. Campari invokes deeply sentimental memories. Happy memories. Feeling nostalgic… Anyhoo, I think my love of Christmas stems from it being the one time of year that my family was guaranteed to be together. That is when I was younger and my nuclear family was just my parents and siblings. In later years, events with extended family members was also fun and equally memorable. We always had an incredible amount of food and lots of it incase we had guests pop in, which was not unusual. We would sing carols, play games and there was lots of laughter. Lots of gifts too but I had usually opened mine surreptitiously, well before Christmas Day. The Christmas season was a happy time that seemed to go on for weeks before reality set in and I went back to school, no more 24/7 fun parents or siblings at home. 

400Gradi in Ringwood is the restaurant I have always walked past. 

Day 23, I walked in thinking of keeping it simple with a Campari-based cocktail. I sat outside under an umbrella enjoying the glorious weather. When the waiter came to take my order, I asked him about cocktails and told him about my Advent Calendar endeavour. He got really excited and said he wold see what they could do for me. NEVER HAPPENED IN ALL MY TRAVELS over the last few days. 

The bartender peeked out of the window to see who he was making it for.

Between them they came up with this beautifully presented, perfect tasting, Christmas looking, generous alcohol-fuelled wonderful cocktail.

Cue dramatic music…

White Christmas Mojito. 

The detail that went into making this for me is heart-warming and has made this my favourite cocktail experience. 

It’s a one-off, spur of the moment, made on the spot glass of joy. I am hoping to be able to get the recipe. 



I love that the colours green and red feature quite strongly. A lady walked past and remarked to her friend that my cocktail looked very festive. Absolutely did! Can you see the white specks on the mint leaves and around the rim of the glass? That’s icing sugar to simulate snow. Sweet gesture. Clever! I only know 2 ingredients – rum and coconut. The mint leaves are in a plump cherry and gave the cocktail a slight mint flavour. Very slight but effective. 

Verdict:- A sweet chilled cocktail that was sweet (as the staff went out of their way to make my adventure special) and made me feel really chilled. 10/10. Gold stars. Platinum rated. Very easy to drink. Delish! So, it’s a YES from me every single time! I must have taken 20 pictures from different angles. 

Grazie Mille!

You can bet I will not be walking past Gradi anymore. 

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