Day Twenty-Two of cocktail Advent Calendar

Panting… I have nearly caught up on the daily drink shenanigans. 

Change of pace is exactly what I needed today. Staying home for a while and listening to music before charging off on another adventure. 
Finally, I decorated my Christmas cake today. Technique is lacking but can only improve through practise. Took me about 6 hours and when I had finished, I wanted to crawl back into bed. In a previous post, I’ve mentioned a little bit of what baking is like for me. I love baking but also need to be in the right frame of mind. Now that I am beginning to decorate, there’s a new level of fun and focus. I pour my heart into baking but don’t listen to music or have company. With decorating, I could have music on. Bought a new set of 5 CDs as recommend by Brit Sister. Passed on info to Little Sister. Decorating whilst listening to the Christmas songs was bliss. 

Before pictures of cakes:-

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells Rock… 

Cake with apricot jam glaze.





Very pleased with myself. Chuffed! Thrilled to bits!

Goal for 2019: Improve my cake decoration techniques and my computer technology know how.

So back to the main event. I was exhausted and decide to go to GLAM’s neighbourhood to eat. Didn’t meet up with GLAM because she was at a Christmas lunch on the other side of Melbourne. 

Dead opposite the train stop is Hanoi Hannah. I’ve been there before with GLAM and the food was delicious plus I do remember there being fancy drinks. So I felt hopeful about cocktail prospects.Did not feel like traipsing around the streets looking for cocktails as I was tired.

As luck would have it, they have changed their menu and it has more items. Menu is Vietnamese street food. 

Feeling slightly crook (Strayan for ill) today as well as tired. Chicken soup is my go to antibiotic when I feel snivelly. Kiwi fruit are my Vitamin C tablets.
Pho is my new chicken soup. I will travel to get a good Pho. Hanoi Hannah had it on the menu (hip hop hurrah) and I instantly feel better. I chose the Beef Pho. The fresh broth glistens in my bowl. I can feel the lemon juice and the super fresh, crisp, snap-in-my-mouth bean shoots assisting my white blood cells to fight out the lergies. Wholesome goodness.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! What about the cocktail I hear you ask? Is there a Vietnamese cocktail? Answers – Be patient and I don’t know. 

Well, feeling slightly under the weather, I decide to steer clear of alcohol and was about to choose the coconut water, which comes in its coconut shell, until I spotted something fancier on the menu. 

Vietnamese Iced coffee.

Look at it! Thick, dark coffee suspended above condensed milk. (Picture below shows the caramel coloured coffee once the milk has been mixed into it).

Vietnamese iced coffee. What’s not to like? If you know, you know, if you don’t, please find out. This is my fancy beverage of choice for today. It comes with a spoon so you can mix the condensed milk into the coffee yourself. 

Verdict: Perfect strength of coffee, sweetness and amount of ice. Just yum! 

2 more days of cocktail Advent Calendar to go! Allons-y!

Dear computer dictionary, please note that Snivelly IS a word. Let me tell you what YourDictionary says “Snivelly is an Adjective. (comparative more snivelly, superlative most snivelly) having a runny nose. pitiful; whining.” Please add that to your lexicon and stop putting red dots under it when I use it. Thanks ever so. Yes , I had a runny nose and felt pitiful. There was no whining, only because I did not have an audience heeheehee.

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