Day Twenty-One of cocktail Advent Calendar

I met a friend, V, for dinner and we happened to go to Hunter and Barrel as we were in the vicinity.

After much deliberation and with the kind help of the hostess, I chose a classic cocktail. I realise now that over the years, I’ve had a few cocktails but hardly ever a classic. If I did have a classic, it was with a twist. I’ve never had a Bloody Mary (tomato juice puts me off), Martini and so on.  

I chose a Manhattan. To be precise a Perfect Manhattan. It supposedly has a mix of Sweet and Dry Vermouth. 

I was expecting a tall glass but I do like a Martini glass because they seem to ooze sophistication. 

I had a sip and did not like it. I think I was expecting something fruity because of the colour, light and a bit sweeter. This was a complex drink and as I sipped, it grew on me. Maybe because of Manhattan, NY, I had high hopes of grandeur and WOW! and a Party in my mouth moment, but sadly, no. 

Verdict: Pretty glass, beautiful deep Chrismassy coloured cocktail. The cherry was not special at all. Every other cocktail I’ve had this month, the cherry adornment has been one of the heros of the drink. This was bland. The taste – sour at first then you get used to it. Needs to be eaten with a creamy dish. Enjoyed it more with my macaroni cheese. 

Company was good. 


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