Day Nineteen of cocktail Advent Calendar

Do not get me wrong, I am enjoying the cocktail Advent Calendar shenanigans. The only downer is I am not used to this much alcohol. The upside – I am and out and about in my beloved Melbourne. I am delighting in new suburbs and revisiting some I have not been to in years. It has been quite nice to rely on public transport. Advertised timetables are incorrect but it is totally fine because trains are regular from my station. 

What a day…

I had lunch and did some Christmas decoration shopping with Little Sister. Was a splendiferous time especially as we only decided to meet up the day before. No plans but our time unfolded beautifully. So much fun packed into just over an hour. Simply Splendiferous! Fun in the city! Oh, I must mention the delicious Indian meal we had from Delhi Streets near Southern Cross Station. Really flavoursome and fresh. Courteous customer service. Yumocity! Huge portions. Luckily, Little Sister shared with me. 

I met Brit Sister later in the afternoon at Debenhams. British Department store in the city. Going regularly is possibly an addiction. Seriously though, I love going because it makes me feel close to my family in London. Miss them. I go in, walk around, spray some perfume, touch dresses and shoes and walk out again. Occasionally, purchases are made. Wait until they open their coffee shop then I will move in. 

We had some fun make-up tips and I tried on blue lipstick. Watch out 2019, blue lipstick will be a thing for me. Not yet ready. Soon though. Brit Sister made purchases. We moseyed on over to Queen Victoria Night Market, QVNM. 

QVM is not usually open on Wednesdays. For over a decade now, it has been opening up on Wednesday nights in Summer. The atmosphere is electric. The heavy smell of international food stands mingling with the chatter of tourists and locals can be overwhelming. On a hot night, it can be horrid! No breeze, no reprieve. The stalls are a good mix of high end, beautiful items to purchase for self or as gifts. Tea, lollies (sweets/candy), clothes, handbags, re-purposed car tyres, plants, flowers and so on. There are also stalls selling tat. Hahahahaha! It’s true! My favourite jewellery designer, Rebecca from Silver Addict sells… just go and have a look. I dare you not to buy anything. 

QVNM is a great place to go for dinner. Everyone from tiny tots and kids from 1 to 92 will find something to feast on. We had Moroccan this time and it hit the spot. 

Can you tell that the cocktail I had today was not up to much?! I am busy talking about everything else. 

It wasn’t terrible. It’s just it was not alcoholic enough and had too much ice.

Ok, here’s a picture…

I had the White Sangria, Brit Sister had the Red Sangria. White Sangria is mixed with champagne (that’s what I was told. Champagne, not Sparkling Wine. I do know there is a geographical difference) and lime juice. It had a slice each of apple and strawberry for decoration. Red Sangria is mixed with red wine, orange juice and spices. Was being adventurous with the White version. Would probably be ok at a picnic on a hot day and if I did not have such high hopes of a spicy drink. I expected to be hit with one or all of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange. 


Verdict:- Sometimes stick to what you know. Not really! Putting my cocktail tasting hat on: It was refreshing but needed to be a bit more flavoursome. Nothing shone through. Perhaps a slice of lime and ditch the apple? Erm, It was cold. I’m stretching now so I will stop. The End. 

Were you distracted by my food in the picture? Get going to the night market which is open every Wed night until March. Paella, meat skewers, Fondue, Sri Lankan, Jamaica Jerk, Coconut water, sugar cane, noodles… just a few of the food stands I spied. 



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