A Wednesday Words special


I have been using this word for years and found out on Wednesday that it is in the dictionary.

Surprised, much! 

I use all sorts of words which are made up. Welldoneski! Amazeballs! LOLCANO! Brillopads! 

I complain about my phone autocorrecting or predictive texting my words. Little Sister also complains.

Just quickly… In a previous post I bemoaned the use of I or me. Above paragraph, see, how I got out of writing Little Sister and me or Little Sister and I. GENIUS! However, I will master it. Also the use of ; . I will no longer fear “and me/I” or ; .

Ok, so, I was sending Little Sister a message about the time we spent together and I said it was a Splendiferous day. Was surprised there were no red dots under the word or suggestions as to how to improve my spelling. 

Grumbling, I checked in the dictionary and yes, it is a word. Informal, humorous form of Splendid.

Well, I never! 

That’s Ace of base! 


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