Day Eighteen of cocktail Advent Calendar

I experienced a high today. A life high. My head nearly exploded. Cannot stop smiling. 

Started off the day right – exercise, quiet time, no breakfast and dancing to Christmas music. 

Don’t start with me about breakfast. I knew I was going to Posh Brit’s house for morning tea. So! 

I’m a Melburnian who drives and will get the occasional train. Never buses. The one time I took the bus, when I got on it was daylight and when I got off it was night time. 5 hour bus ride from Melbourne Airport to Ringwood. What am I doing? This is supposed to be all positive and about my day. 

Back to the story… I drive but occasionally get the train and even less, as in a blue moon sighting, I might walk as a mode of transport. This month, travel has been mostly by train and particularly on the Metro trains. Metro trains get you around the suburbs of Melbourne. Ever since I have been in Melbourne, it has been my dream to travel on a V-Line train. YES! V-Line trains get you out into regional Melbourne and beyond into country Victoria. 

It was very exciting to be able to fulfil a dream and travel on a V-Line train. I arrived at Southern Cross, found my platform and got on. Felt like an old choochoo train as the fumes carried into the carriage. Out of Southern Cross station, we thundered past factories and then regular suburbs and finally, into the countryside. We went past farms, fields and a few mountains. Woohoo! My life is full of adventure!

Brit Sister and god-daughter No 4 picked me up from the station. Lovely! 

We 3 kings (I do have Christmassy songs in my head from playing albums the past few days) then proceeded to Posh Brit’s home.

The garden had trees adorned with Christmas decorations. Her beautiful home was transformed into a festive feast for the eyes. I hardly said hello to her husband as I didn’t know where to look. She could give Santa’s grotto a run for its money. The table was beautifully decorated with Reindeer, candles… Was not expecting it at all. Morning tea was high tea. She completely spoilt us. She made sandwiches with 3 fillings and I will not do them justice because I cannot remember the herbs and spices she used. There was an egg mayo, cucumber with cream cheese and dill, chicken and cranberry (I know!). Yumocity! Now, the crusts were cut off the bread and the sandwiches were cut into finger-sized wedges. All beautifully displayed on a 3-tier ceramic plate stand. We also had homemade Welsh cakes with mascarpone cheese and blueberries. Hours felt like minutes as we noshed and chatted. It felt like Christmas Day. 

Not having breakfast worked out really well. Brit Sister did not have brekkie either. We know our dear friend very well. 

This was all washed down with Sparkling wine, a Cuvée Brut, if you don’t mind. Of course there was tea. You shouldn’t have to ask if it was brewed in a tea pot nor wonder if the tea pot matched the tea cups, saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl and plates. As if that was;t enough, there was Christmas music in the background. If Brit Sister and me had received this level of service when we went to the Austen Tea Rooms in Essendon, you would have heard me crowing about it and received much encouragement to visit. Alas! 



So festive! 





 You can just about make out the Welsh cakes.   Dressed up Welsh cake.This is why these are not sarnies or sangas. POSH! 

Now you see why there is no cocktail for today but if you push me, then I will say that Sparkling wine and English Breakfast tea work quite well together. Something about the cold bubbles and the warm tannin. 

I am going to call it – Posh Brit makes the best Welsh cakes! EVER! I have sat here for about 10 minutes trying to describe them. I keep typing and deleting. Light, comfort, delicate. Sorry, perhaps, I’ll share the recipe on a Temptation Tuesday so you may try them out for yourself. 

Travelling on the V-train, being around so much Chrismassyness (work with me) and in the presence of loved ones. My heart was so happy that I experienced a high. 

Still smiling. 

Verdict: Mr Mick’s Gela is scrumptious. The sandwiches were delightful. Welsh cakes were so delicious that I had to get some to take-away. 

Just for fun. Taken from my V-train window, the pictures below are of The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel. There are pods known as passenger cabins you go into and thus travel around the wheel whilst observing great views of the city. Years ago, I did the London Eye and that was enough of slow moving heights for me. 

I can say that today was a pure Flenjurement day. Had fun with my dear friends, one god-daughter present, ate good food, travelled on a V-Line train, laughed a lot especially when we sang out loud to Slade’s Merry Christmas Everyone, had really good catch up but never enough time. Still must be grateful. Thoroughly flenjured today.  

(Breathing out) Nearly there… 6 more cocktail advent calendar days to go. 

Still smiling. 

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