Day Seventeen of cocktail Advent Calendar

Day 17 Guinness Punch with a splash of port. 

My cousin-in-law told me that he had added port to Guinness Punch and it was hit. He makes the best Guinness Punch. 

I cannot believe I have gotten this far into sharing cocktails with you and not mentioned Guinness Punch.

It is probably my absolute favourite holiday, family and everything in between drink.

Ingredients: Guinness, Condensed milk, freshly gratered (yes, I mean gratered this time. If you know, you know. If you don’t, ah! well!) nutmeg, raw egg, nutriment, rum. Some add in vanilla and ting. Nah badda run come aks mi fi de quantity. You know is “just”!

Anyhow, I just had a glass and it done, so mi cyan tek picture fi show unu. 

So, what is it? It is a milky alcoholic drink served with ice. Caramel coloured. Surprisingly not too sweet. Port makes it sweeter than rum. I think I will stick to rum. Made to be drunk from a proper glass, I have discovered that having Guinness Punch Shots are quite special. 

Verdict: I am too biased to give one. Find smaddy sharp sharp who can make it for you. 

Note to self: do not do anything alcoholic advent wise next year. I repeat, do not. Also, do not do a walk advent calendar as the weather is unpredictable. Know thyself and thy limits. 


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