Day Sixteen of cocktail Advent Calendar

Day Sixteen 

Allow me to present the Strawberry Rum Smash. 

A sweet-sour cocktail, leaning more towards sweet, on ice with a strawberry garnish served in a beautiful heavy glass. Details, tick.
Ingredients: Rum, mint leaves, agave syrup,  fresh strawberry and lemon juice
Of all the advent cocktails, this is my favourite so far. Strawberry bits get in the straw. Annoying until I figure it makes me sip slower. The initial taste is Wow! Very pleasantly surprised at how much I like the combo. Sweet, sour, tangy but citrus tangy not tamarind-mouth-watering tang. So more of a zing. The after taste is pleasantly sour, minty with soothing rum overtones.
This is what I want a summer cocktail to be – refreshing, pack a punch, healthy, a drink not just a couple of thimbles of liquid poured in a vat of ice.
Feels like it cleanses the palate even though there is a party on my tongue. Perhaps it’s the mint.
I ditch the straw as it now feels like an obstacle course. 
If I presented this drink to friends and family over Christmas, or a BBQ, or whenever, I’d feel really quite chuffed.
It looks like a Christmas cocktail. Red and green colours.
Folks at The Penny Drop, Boxhill! I like it, I like it a lot! Onya!
With 9 days to go, I don’t think any other cocktail will topple this for colour, drinkability, delicate and subtle layers of flavour, generous portion of liquid and the festive feeling.
I got a spoon to nyam the strawberry pulp smash and mint left at the bottom of my glass.

Verdict: YES! A hug in a glass.
I just need a minute. Got to go lie down now.
(for my info before I sleep, Rum is Bacardi (I can’t believe it) Santiago sth sth special reserve from Cuba)


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