Day Fourteen and Fifteen of cocktail Advent Calendar

Erm Day Fourteen. It was a Friday. I remember that much. Nothing to report. The End. 

Day Fifteen 

I returned to Belgrave and went to the eatery that had advertised cocktails on its menu board. I remembered that I had clocked it when I visited Belgrave on Day Six. 

Visually, Sooki Lounge is a feast. The décor is intriguing. It took me a while to settle down and choose a place to sit. 

Sooki Lounge is a bar, eatery and music venue all round into one. There is also an underground bar on the premises.

Of all the cocktails on offer, the most attractive was the Apple Pie. Who doesn’t like Apple Pie? I haven’t had a slice in donkeys years so I ordered it. As I watched the bartender make it, my heart sank. She referred to what must have been a cocktail recipe manual. However, my heart rose again when she inserted a straw and did a taste after she had made it. 

I don’t know what I was expecting but it certainly tasted like Apple Pie. Weird but oh so good. There was very little to drink as there was an iceberg in my glass. Nice glass too. Even with sipping and counting to 100 (not really) between sips, I was done within 10 minutes. Then I sat nursing the ice and guarding my glass against being swept away by the staff for the next hour.

 Day Fifteen  

Verdict: Nicely presented, yum cocktail but there needs to be more of it. Less ice, more liquid. 



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