Day Twelve of cocktail Advent Calendar

I got free tickets to go and see a film in South Yarra. Another suburb that I used to frequent and haven’t recently. Chapel Street is the main street that I visit. 

I went to the movie theatre and was again amazed at the pre-made cocktails. This time, they were in little bottles not on tap. A bit better, I suppose but why is this a trend? The whole point of a cocktail is that it is shaken and stirred in front of you. Surely? Shaken and stirred and then poured into the appropriate receptacle. If the bartender is particularly good, it will be tasted with a stirrer before it is presented before you. Why is this a trend and sadly, I think it is here to stay. Maybe it’s been around for longer and I just missed it? 

Terrifyingly hot day. I snail paced it all day. In wedges! I kept willing my self to stay upright and not fall over. I made it to the Palace Como movie theatre without any mishap. 


Day 12 

I had a Pimm’s. British as! Very pretty with the citrus wedges. Sweet cocktail served with ice. Not made with love. 

Look at the Christmassy straw. Grinch-esque methinks. 

Verdict: Nope! 

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