Day Ten of cocktail Advent Calendar

Day 10

In the evening I found in myself in Richmond because I was going to watch a basketball match at Melbourne Arena. Gosh! I have forgotten how good Richmond is. The major streets are Swan St, Bridge Rd and Church St. There are so many bars, music venues and discount shopping. It is so near the heart of the city, the Central Business District, CBD. Just over the Yarra River, it is one stop on the train if it is not going through the City Loop. It has several roof top bars with amazing views. 

I alighted from the train and strolled along Swan St taking in the new businesses that have popped up since I have been there. Nice to see the Corner Hotel is still there. I doubled back and ended up at Fargo and Co. I was tempted in by the offer of $10 cocktails. The venue was airy, cool and nicely decorated. The bartender was warm and knowledgeable. I turned up my nose at the happy hour $10 cocktails. COCKTAILS ON TAP!!!!!!!!!! Cocktails on tap! (I just about curbed my use of exclamation marks). I should have seen this coming. If you can sell wine in a cask, why not pre-prepared cocktails. The shock and horror! Spritz on tap? Espresso martini? I think not. The patient bartender took me through  the other cocktails on offer. I decided on The Heist. 

The Heist looks like a frothy Pina Colada. It is a sweet, creamy cocktail served with ice in a beautiful glass. Top marks on presentation Fargo and Co. Ingredients: Gin, Maraschino Iiquer, Crème and strawberry syrup. I could taste the maraschino liquer. The decorative cherry was intoxicatingly delicious. Plump, juicy.

Verdict: Definitely a grown up drink. Perhaps no ice, just chilled. Fargo describes it as creamy like your morning smoothie… with a kick. I wanted a bit more of a kick. 

I also had what I am calling The Dad. This is one of the first alcoholic drinks I had as a child in my younger years. My dad used to make it. I had Campari, Bitters and Lemonade. Dad’s ingredients were Campari, Bitters, Lemonade and Orange juice, with a slice of lemon on the rocks. 

My dinner was a Scotch egg falafel with fermented beetroot and tahini labne. It was rather delicious. The fermented beetroot is an acquired taste which the labne “cooled” down quite nicely. 

(Melbourne lost to Brisbane, by the way. If they had kept the momentum they had in the second quarter, they would have won. C’est la vie.) 


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