Day Eleven of cocktail Advent Calendar

I had planned to get a cocktail in North Melbourne as I was heading over to The Comic’s Lounge for some pre-Christmas laughs.

At the bar, I was made to understand that there were no special cocktails or Christmas cocktails. No-one particularly excited about making a cocktail either. There were cocktails on tap… I just can’t! I… just… cannot! It was too late to duck out to one of the other bars nearby for a cocktail. You can’t rush a cocktail, it has to be savoured. Sipped at. 

Ordinarily, I don’t do shots, I have only had shots twice in my life. This was the night for a shot. 

Day 11 

Baby Guinness

Verdict: It looked like a glass of Guinness. Good head on it. That’s all I will say about the beverage.

Was a good night at The Comic’s Lounge. I attended with Little Sister and The G; always good company. I laughed so much that I cried and my stomach hurt. It was a privilege to hear from two comics that I have not heard of before. Mr Taylor, the MC and Mr Khalafalla. Their jokes were original and intelligent. I liked how Mr K would gauge the audience and switch up his stories. His opening line “Imagine if we drank water like cats?” followed by a story involving a friend trying to leave in a hurry and asking you to skull your drink. Now it’s in my head, I keep giggling overtime I imagine drinking like a cat. Hilarious! The different accents.

Mr Taylor’s Bell Curve of Australian accents. Genius! 

Hoping to see Mr K on Jan 19th back at The Comic’s Lounge, 26, Errol St, Nth Melbourne. 

Before I go… The pre-show background music is right up my street. Had me dancing, tapping, ready for a good night.

Dancing, Laughing, Hanging out with loved ones. Nigh on perfect evening. 



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