Day Six to Nine of cocktail Advent Calendar


I am lumping 4 days together because I had to take a break. Two reasons for this. The first being I am not used to drinking everyday and the second being the heat. There were a couple of super hot days. As a cold-blooded individual, anything above 25C renders me sluggish, above 28 I am floppy and above 30, I have to stay home, keep the window blinds down and stay close to the ground as everyone knows: hot air rises.

Day 6, I went up to the Dandenong Ranges to forage for a cocktail. Chose the Dandenongs because it is usually a few degrees cooler than Melbourne. The forecast that day was 30-something. Took a train to Belgrave because one doesn’t like to drink and drive. It was not cooler in Belgrave as discovered when I hopped off the train excitedly. I nearly hopped back on the train into the cool, comforting carriage but I had a task to complete so I continued on. By the time I got to the main shopping area, I was done and sought refuge in the first shop, a German eatery mainly focussed on baked goodies. I had a bottle of water and once suitably refreshed I was able to enjoy my Apfelschorle.

A mocktail popular in Germany and I enjoyed it a lot. It is simply apple juice diluted with sparkling water. Deliciously refreshing and light. (I will admit that the main shopping area was only about 250m away from the train. Can’t do the heat). As I wandered about the main strip, window shopping, I spotted an eatery that does serve cocktails so I will venture back to Belgrave another day. Oh! I must mention Belgrave Emporium. Pleasant shopping experience and place to get creative ideas and fabulous gifts.

Day 7 This day was unbelievably hot and in the interests of public and my safety, I only imbibed water. Nobody wants a fainting woman on their hands. I didn’t want to wake up disorientated in an ambulance, wasting precious resources… 36C was the forecast and it ended up being 38C. Excuses you may say but I know myself and my limits.

Day 8 Sadly, still feeling the effects of the heat so stuck to non-alcoholic beverages. In the afternoon, whilst being treated to a manicure and pedicure, I sat in a massage chair for about 4 lots of 15 minutes and was far too relaxed to get public transport (PT) and go cocktail hunting. I blame Pilgrim Bar! Plus side, in the evening, I did manage to get to Costco with god-daughter number 3. Such a treasure.

Day 9 Feeling guilty that I am letting the side down. How about a compromise? Here is a homemade cocktail stumbled upon by Brit Sister. It is sparkling wine with a liberal splash of cherry liquer. I have it on good authority that it is very nice. Good for an after work wind down from an especially busy or stressful day. It is called the Carmaritza. My pleasure and you are welcome!

Well, I hope we are all still feeling jolly and giddy with excitement about the Day.

ps Cold-blooded individual with an extremely warm heart. Prone to emotional displays of emotion via water from tear ducts on different occasions from watching TV shows to major events including watching a video of god-daughter number 1 rapping with her band. The shame (TV shows) is real but then so is the pride (talented god-daughters).

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