Christmas 2018

Every year, I do a personal Christmas advent Calendar. It is fun to do something different every day.

It is usually in no particular order…

Put tree up and decorate (Dec 1st usually)

Paint fingernails deep green and toe nails bright red

Play Christmasy music

Wear Christmasy earrings

Plan Christmas Day meal and beverages

Wear red or green clothes or something with those colours

Go to church or listen to a Christmas message or something festive

Watch Christmas movies to my heart’s content at home or watch a movie at a cinema

Think about my goals or lack of for the next year

Burn a christmas inspired memory evoking scented candle. This year, it is a buttery vanilla cream frosting stirred with ground cinnamon sticks, warm allspice and sugar cane. I am not making it up.

Make sure there is freshly baked cake incase friends or family pop in

On a Wednesday in December, go to Queen Victoria Night Market

and so on

Each year, the actual day’s celebrations are different and in different locations. Last year, I got to go away with Bestie K to Singapore for a few days. Before that I stayed with the Marvel-ous family including 3 of my god-daughters for a few days. So that was my Christmas 2017.

This year, I am doing the cocktail Advent Calendar for the first time and I am thoroughly enjoying it but particularly enjoying being out and about in Melbourne. For the actual day, I am not yet sure what I am doing. When in Melbourne, I usually do something with the British Sister. Being an introvert, I would dearly love to stay home all day with music on full blast and read a book. Drink Sorrel, eat Egusi Soup with Eba, have a generous slice of Christmas cake, go for a walk and generally have a quiet music-playing Christmas day.

Here’s hoping all our wishes come true and that all our future endeavours will be bright.

ps Any suggestions for next year would be welcome. Currently thinking of doing a walkers Advent Calendar. I write down 25 places I love to walk in Melbourne and randomly pick one each day.

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